We raised over $2100! Thank you!!
Sophia's 12th annual Haunted House for charity!
(was) Friday, October 28, 2016
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How Scary Is It?

We have three different "levels" of scariness to suit children of various ages:

  1. No scares: Actors stand still, act friendly, and will unmask if you ask them to.
  2. Medium scary: Actors move in creepy ways.
  3. Super scary: Actors jump out and surprise you! (Scary enough for adults and brave kids.)

The actors do wear masks and costumes.

We never have gore, just creepy props.

The entire tour takes about five minutes. (Or 5 seconds if you run screaming.)


We use scientific research to scare without gore.


Our haunted house is inspected by the Newton Fire Department each year.

The space is dimly lit by red lightbulbs. It is never completely dark.

We do not use strobe lights or fog machines.